mercoledì 17 dicembre 2008


New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the December 2008 PREVIEWS catalog.
First, ATHENA VOLTAIRE and THE BLACK COAT, two of Ape's most popular characters, return in a brand new cross-over event!!
Next, the ninja-smashing action builds to a frenetic pace in SISTA SAMURAI #2 from new mega-artist Antonio Campo and Blue Marvel writer Kevin Grevioux!
Then, the critically acclaimed WIND RAIDER continues with more lush artwork from Skaar Son of Hulk and Spiderman 3 storyboard artist, Gabriel Hardman!
Finally, Ape Entertainment is proud to bring you the first issue of- SUPER HUMAN RESOURCES #1! Check out the copious positive reviews and links above to see how cool a super-hero funny comic can be!

The Black Coat and Athena Voltaire Special - BlackCoat Cover - DEC08 3747
The Black Coat and Athena Voltaire Special - Athena Voltaire Cover - DEC08 3748
Sista Samurai #2 (of 3) - DEC08 3749
Wind Raider #2A (of 3) - cover by Hardman & Kelly - DEC08 3750
Wind Raider #2B (of 3) - cover by Joe Suitor - DEC08 3751
Super Human Resources #1A (of 4) - cover by Justin Bleep - DEC08 3752
Super Human Resources #1B (of 4) - cover by Joey Mason - DEC08 3753

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